Why Poland for Netherlanders? Let us explain – it is not only for the Dutchmen, but for everyone who is interested in Poland. Maybe the homeland of Copernicus and Chopin is not very well known to an average foreigner and so – who knows? – maybe not really very interesting.

But Poland is a country with a very rich, royal past and an equally rich independence tradition. It is a country with a great nature and also has lovely and picturesque landscapes. Many thing is available: green polders, mountains, a desert, lakes, beautiful old castles and palaces – everyone will find something to his liking or/and his needs. This website tries to give some basic information about this country, its very colorful history, attractions, as well as additional interesting stories and topics. Our main goal is to create interest and intrigue in Poland, and encourage people from other countries to visit this land.

The content is divided into several thematic sections; everyone can choose from them according to individual preferences. Here are the main items and their content:

  • Poland – basic information about the country and its people,
  • Poles – some information about people,
  • history – a bit of knowledge about the genesis of the state and its history, with particular emphasis on the 20th century, when Poland arose twice from non-existence (it is interesting to  compare those two moments) and after a period of communism it “returned” to Europe,
  • interesting stories – unworkable hodgepodge of interesting stories on various topics: fascinating historical mysteries, crimes, romances and quite modern tales,
  • Poland and the Netherlands – information about the relationships linking the two countries and their people, mutual influences, interesting characters,
  • tourism – reports from trips, sightseeing suggestions and whether you need to be afraid in Poland,
  • traditions – about national holidays and customs 
  • gallery – pictures of various places in Poland.

Poland for Netherlanders is the result of a very successful Polish-Dutch cooperation and anyone who wants to contribute something of his own, fitting well to the website profile, is welcome!

Renata and Han   (April 2012)

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Our friends on Polenforum (in Dutch).

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5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I met Renata and Han in Niedzica – we were sitting together eating the lunch.
    Me and my wife were listening how they talked about Poland, history, landscapes etc
    The are really passionated about the beauty of our Homeland.
    They make great job to popularize Poland for foreigners (specially Dutch).

    Greetings from Cracow – the most beautyfull city in Poland;)

    Ps. When you will be in Cracow we would like to invite you for a cup of coffee to one of our favorite pub – Mleczarnia in Kazimierz (send us an email)

  2. Learned about your website from a link on the “Mennonite Farmer” group on Facebook, and have enjoyed reading the English translation of Polen voor Nederlanders! My Mennonite ancestors were mostly Dutch, Flemish, and possibly French, before seeking religious freedom in Prussia, then migrating to south Russia (now Ukraine), and then again in the late 19th century, to North America. On the data base of low-German Mennonites, I am #127493. I would love to connect with “relatives” out there!

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